Quilter/De Cuiltéir. The original French form of the surname is le Cuilter, meaning “the quilt maker”. In Irish it is rendered de Cuiltéir (although more historically le Cuiltéir), and in English, Quilter.

Today, there are six surviving branches of the Irish Quilters.

  1. Gortinare & Farrandeen
  2. Ahabeg
  3. Ballyconry
  4. Ballyhennessey
  5. Ballyrehan
  6. Croughcroneen

Other branches from Ballyconry and Ahabeg that no longer exist in Kerry still live in the USA and Australia. The family trees of each branch can be traced back to the late 18th and early 19th century in North Kerry.

At the moment there are approximately two hundred people in Ireland having the surname Quilter and these are located mainly in Lixnaw and adjoining towns and villages. In recent times, the name has begun to drift to other counties in Ireland but all Irish Quilters can be traced back to Lixnaw and the surrounding areas.

Descendants of Irish Quilters are scattered in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Wales and England.

Quilter Family Celebration 2013